Saturday, December 24, 2005

1 Ton of Prezzies, 1 Spoilt Fridge

I deserve the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I bravely survived the ordeal in Orchard Road.

The sweltering heat. The rude crowd. The non-stop pushing and shoving. I was elbowed in the ribs at least twice. Then the heat turned into refrigerated cold each time I entered a mall. More rude crowd. Nine of my ten toes were crushed under heavy shoes. And of course, a nightmare won't be quite a nightmare without the pouring rain.

But I survived!

And I came through with almost all the prezzies I needed to get. There are a few people I will need to beg and grovel for forgiveness from. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased and surprised at the speed I was able to shop at.

Right now, there are two men fussing in my kitchen, trying their best to repair my fridge. Two nights ago, it stopped dispensing water and ice. It was supposed to be a simple repair. It got complicated when they failed to find the water pipe leading to the fridge. They asked me where it was. I was stumped. We all looked for the missing water pipe together, but it refused to be found. A good half hour later, one of the electricians found it crouching behind the washing machine. So now, they're pulling out all their screw drivers and other painful-looking gadgets and working as fast as they can to get my fridge fixed. Once they're done, they can finally go home and relax and celebrate Christmas with their families. I will quickly get dressed for two Christmas dinners lined up tonight.

I'm not too worried about being late. After all, as this afternoon proved, when it comes to speed... I've got it!

Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

~5-Cat Style

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Mambo said...

Merry X'mas Shireen!
And of course not forgetting Bombay & Callas! =)

I'm glad you survived that ordeal! I never know how ppl actually make it out alive from there! Haha! Anyways have the greates X'mas of all!

Mel & Steph