Friday, December 16, 2005

My heart aches for my two little ones

I find myself missing Bombay and Callas' sisters very badly tonight. Diva and Jackaroo were such sweet kitties. And I was especially close to them because both were the weakest of the litter of five.

Diva was the runt with a bad cold. She was the tiniest tabby with a constantly dripping nose. She not only was the reason for me feeding every kitten antibiotics and vitamins twice a day everyday, she was also high maintenance because she refused to eat solids... so I had to bottlefeed her every four hours, all through the day and right through the night.

Jack was also a poor thing. She had her left eye badly scratched... my guess is it must have been from rough play with her siblings and a claw got to her eye. The poor kitty's eye got badly infected and the membrane had moved right across the eye. I was so worried she would be permanently blind. I had to apply an ointment twice a day directly into both her eyes (and all the other kittens' eyes too) to prevent further infection.

So you see... I really spent a lot of time with both kittens and that is why I grew to be very close to them. I suppose my missing them has a lot to do with the e-mail I received from the very sweet couple who adopted them.

Here's a wee bit I'd like to share...
(please note that Diva has since been renamed Cloey, and Jack is now Jackie)

"Cloey is always sleeping on my neck and Jackie would play with my hair the whole night long. They aren't shy no more .... they sleep wherever and whenever they want. They play like crazy, knocking my stuff all over but it's fun watching them pouncing on each other and yeah, stepping all over my dogs. Haha!!"

Yes, that's exactly how Cloey got the name Diva in the first place. She was so terribly demanding of attention. She would mew and mew till you sat down on the floor. As soon as your bum hits the ground, she'll be on your lap right away. But that wasn't enough. She had to have the best seat in the house. And that would be the space on your lap closest to your body. If any other kitten has that spot, Cloey would mew and mew till the cows jumped over the moon. Now that Cloey has her fave spot on your lap, you would think that would satisfy her, right? Wrong! You had to... HAD TO... look directly into her eyes. Turn away to look elsewhere and she'll mew and mew again. So there I would be... seated on the floor with Cloey on my lap and staring straight into her eyes. Oh my goodness gracious me... talk about a diva!

But just look at her. How not to spoil her?

The new home that she and Jackie are happily living in now have dogs. At first, I was a little apprehensive about how they would cope with the strange, new species. I suspected it would be alright since none of the kittens have been exposed to dogs, so the good thing is that they haven't had a bad experience with them. But I couldn't be sure. Thankfully, they got along very well with the dogs right from day one.

In fact, the new owners informed me that the dogs were a little afraid of them since the kitties totally digged chasing their waggy tails, so the doggies found themselves running away from the little ones. I've been told that the dogs are now very protective of the kittens and often snooze with them. On my home visit to see them, I saw photos of Cloey and Jackie sleeping beside, even on top of the dogs. It was a lovely sight.

This spot where you see Cloey posing at is her absolute favourite. It's the bottom of the fridge where the vent is that lets out warm air. It's also the spot Bombay chose when he fell sick with the fever.

Cloey may have been the runt of the litter, but she sure loved spoiling for fights. I often wondered why that was, especially since she regularly lost to the others.

This is one of my fave shots of Cloey. It was during the Latern Festival and I was filling my belly with juicy pomelo. The Flyer and I saw that Cloey would fit perfectly into the skin which we had peeled open so carefully. So there you have it! A photo of Cloey bursting from a juicy pomelo. Please forgive the graininess... I was still learning how to photograph quick-moving kittens.

I loved cradling and cuddling my sweet sweet Diva... oh, sorry... I mean, Cloey. Isn't she an angel?

And here's a shot of sweet Jack. Unfortunately I only have this one shot of Jackie in my computer now. I'll go download more from my millions of CDs of photos tomorrow.

Jackie is the sweetest thing. She loved jumping up on The Flyer's shoulder and playing personal hairdresser to her. She'll swipe at every strand with her paw and then lick each hair into shape. So since Jackie left us, The Flyer's hair has been an utter mess. No more personal hairdresser to doll her up everyday.

I'm glad the new owner now has the pleasure of enjoying Jackie's undivided attention on her hair.

This is a group shot of my kitties finding something totally fascinating on the floor and giving it a thorough investigation.

I miss my darlings. Good night, my sweeties! Sweet dreams, Jackie! Sweet dreams, Cloey! The Flyer and I miss you soooo soooo much.

~5-Cat Style

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