Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mount Bombay lies dormant

It has been 3 days since Bombay came down with the fever. He has been doing much better since. At the vet's, Bombay's temperature was a very high 40°C. So he was given a jab which he bravely received. He only mewed once. And very softly too.

The doc gave an anti-viral syrup and some tablets to control the fever. Ever since the fever went down, Bombay has been moving around a bit more. Of course, he isn't as zippy. In fact, his movements have an 'Ah Pek' feel to them. But it is good enough to know that Bombay is recovering.

Bombay has been 'sawing logs ' more than usual. I've managed to snap a few close-ups which is such a treat since he is usually very frisky and too easily woken up by the softest click from my camera. I'll begin the photolog with an unglam shot of him taking his first step towards officially zonking out.

The Yawn

One Last Peep


Bombay's Beddy-Bye

Rolled In

Sacked Up

Flaked Out

Tabby Torpor

REM - Really Eliminates Movement

Sweet Zzz's

Bombay: "One reason why I was so wiped out was because I was helping my foster mommy with her blog entries. I'm uploading some photos of me passed out on the laptop I was working hard on."

And here are just some of the close-ups I was thrilled at getting. It is a rare opportunity indeed with a fireball of a kitten.

Fuzz & Whiskers

Hot Bod Shot

Sexy Leg, Kinky Tail

You da Cat's-Paw!

~5-Cat Style


william said...

Hi, Bombay's a real sweetie! He really looks like a real tiger in the first pix. :)

=^..^= said...

Yeah, and he darts about like one on the hunt too, when he's well!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hope bombay gets well really soon, otherwise callas has no one to play with! ^-^

Dawn said...

Beautiful shots! Get well both Bombay AND Flyer!

coboypb said...

Yeah, these are really nice shots of Bombay. Hope he gets well soon after all the rest.

=^..^= said...

Hi Kuro.shiro.neko, Dawn and Coboypb!

You guys are such regulars on our blog. It's great! :) Must start handing out Frequent Blogging Miles to you pretty soon as a BIG thank you.

I thoroughly enjoy photographing my kittens. They are such delightful supermodels... and without any of the diva tantrums too!

Bombay is recovering well. He is still moving around slowly, but his fever has vanished completely and his appetite is returning.

The shredded Flyer is healing beautifully too. Her arm isn't in ribbons anymore. It looked far more tragic in the photos than it actually was. But it really wasn't anything too serious.

Thank you for the great show of concern! I promise to keep you updated on the condition of both patients. :)

~5-Cat Style

Moglee said...

wah....he looked well Bombay!

the letter b said...

nice whiskers, bombay. oh and those stripes... ;) can't wait to see you back to your bouncy self!

Vernon said...

What wonderful, wonderful pictures! More! We want more!

=^..^= said...

More pictures for table 5!

~5-Cat Style

KXBC said...

Bombay reminds me of one of my cats. He will grow up into a majestic looking cat in 2 years time.

=^..^= said...

Hi Kxbc,

Yes, I totally agree with you. Bombay was a handsome fellow right from day one. And he has been growing handsomer everyday since.

Can't wait to see him in all his glory when he blooms into a full-grown male.

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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