Thursday, January 13, 2011

We love BIG windows

We never got a chance to show you our new house.

Well, it isn't so new anymore because
we've been living here for a year now.

We really love it here.

However, when we first moved in,
Slash did not cope well at all.
He spent the first 2 weeks hiding behind mirrors,
boxes and underneath Mommy's bed.

He was petrified of the large glass windows that surround the house.
We had never lived in a high-rise apartment before.
So to look all the way down for the first time was a bit scary.
Slash was very careful to avoid being anywhere near the windows.

But now, the windows are what we love most about this house!

I can look out of them all day...

... And all night.

Slash too can look out of them all day...

... And all night.

There are so many things to look at!
Like birds, trees, cars, people and clouds.
And the view is always changing.

Sometimes the sky darkens very quickly.

Sometimes the morning mist hangs low.

And sometimes we get to read words in the sky!

Slash and I really enjoy lounging in the hall.
It is a very chill-out area.

It is perfect for soaking in the sun.

Now that Slash has gotten over his fear of the windows,
he seems quite obsessed with them.

From the time he wakes up, he'll be staring silently out of one.

And there he'll stay staring and staring...

... Until he falls right back to sleep.

Sometimes when Mommy brings down the blinds,
she'll leave a small gap for us to peek out.

So this way, we still get some sun and some of the view.

The blinds are funny.
They give me many long and narrow stripes.

I don't mind them because I think they make my bum look slimmer.

Thank you for letting me show you our windows.
Please join us any time for a good soak and an entertaining view.
You will always be welcome here!

~5-Cat Style


Chan said...

oh~ it's a long time since i last met you cats ^3^
how come bron-bron still gaining weight? =p

=^..^= said...

You can blame The Flyer. She overfed them when she came to Melbourne to spend Christmas and New Year with us. They knew how to charm her with their feline ways!

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

Love that you are blogging again so I can gaze at your cute cats!

A few Good Cats said...

Interesting and illuminating pictures of your home and your cats' life there!

Lucy The Beautiful said...

OH! I am so thoroughly taken with you two! And what a wonderful view you have! (hey, mom, how come we don't have that kind of view? huh? huh?)
Bronzy is so brave and beautiful. He probably told Slash that it was ok to come out of hiding and "look". I have to do that sometimes with my Sam. I am fearless :D
Oh how I long for that wonderful window sill you have -- why, it put you right to sleep! (mom, buy me that sill; I want it)
Slash, I saw where you got caught on that shelf and I would have been livid if I couldn't get down, too. Sam is like Bronzy -- means well but takes everything in stride, even the screams for help.
Gosh, I said I liked to talk but it's very rude of me to take up a whole page, so I'll stop for now. BUT, I'll be back because I'm following you now....following in a good way, not a stalking way :D

MoMo said...

Good to see you again! i missed you two. Saw your comments on eRic and Flynn's blog and came straight over to mieow 'welcome back'. Hope you are staying around. Slash is beautiful as ever!

Daisy said...

Your view is amazing! I could gaze out those windows for hours!

Marg said...

Those are fantastic windows to look out of every day. You both are very cute. Slash, you sure are cute falling asleep on the window ledge. Take care you two and have a great week end. Glad you are back.