Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Hand That Feeds Us

Mommy, hurry already.

Be generous! Bring a lot!

Yes! Yes! Here they come!






Oooh... that was a hard piece!

Everyone tells Mommy that she is spoiling us rotten
by hand-feeding us our meals.

But Slash and I like it this way!

We get to bond with Mommy,
eat in a fun way
and the kibbles taste better too!

But Mommy can be a little slow in
getting the kibbles into our mouths.

So I have to help her out with my lightning paw!

But sometimes she is soooo sloooow,
I have to use TWO lightning paws!

There are times when Mommy misjudges the height
and places the kibbles too high.

But that doesn't stop us from getting them.

Maybe Mommy needs more training.

Any volunteers to help her out?

~5-Cat Style


Chan said...

bron-bron, it's not your mommy's fault you know, you're too greedy XDD

Hannah and Lucy said...

You'll be ready for a nap when you've managed to collect all your treats, bitten your mum, punctured her hand, and finished walking on 2legs. Don't you have dishes at your home??!!

Brian said...

That is a cool way to have you kibble nibbles!!!

Luscious Lucy (formerly Lucy The Beautiful) said...

Oooo, Bronzy, you are a spoiled little character, aren't you -- spoiled is GOOD! Mom tells us that all the time :D
We love coming to visit you and Slash, did you know that? We want to move next door!

Simba said...

This is the first time I have come over to your blog: thanks for your comments on mine. Mom loves the pictures of the views and of the kitties. She feeds me some of my snacks the same way, and I will sit up on my haunches too, but not my regular food.

A few Good Cats said...

Looking at the sad look on your face in the first picture, we wanted to bring you lots of food ourselves! Poor sweet baby Bronzy... but we are happy to see you getting all the good food you want!

MoMo said...

Cat sitters don't do that, Bronzy. Just hope you mom doesn't go away on holidays.

Mr Puddy said...

My mom said your mom are amazing " How she can took your claws on her skin " Any tip for my mom..Please : )