Monday, January 17, 2011

All About Our Claws

After reading our previous blog entry on being hand-fed,
Mr Puddy wanted to know how come our Mommy seemed scratch-proof.

To answer this question,
I was going to take a back seat and
let Slash show off his claws.

But as you can see,
Slash's paws are quite yeti-fied.
So I replaced him with myself.
(Sorry, bro.)

When we were young,
Mommy introduced us to a
weekly manicure and pedicure.

But at that age,
our claws grew faster than mold.
And they often split too.

Mommy soon found out that split claws were ideal for
tearing off feathers from our wand.

And for tearing the fur off Slash.
(Sorry again, bro.)

Now that we are older,
Mommy gives us a bi-weekly claw trimming.

Because they are always short
(and also because we are kind and polite kitties),
Mommy can bathe us, groom us and
hand-feed us without getting scratched.

We can play with our wands without pulling off the feathers.

We can wrestle without pulling out each other's fur.

I can cuddle Slash without scratching him.

And he can cuddle me without scratching me.

We hope this answers your question, Mr Puddy!

Thank you for stopping by and admiring our claws!

~5-Cat Style


Ayla and Iza, said...

That the way ta get along!

Thanks so much fer comin to our Gotcha Day party. You helped make it a wunnerful day...

Mr Puddy said...

Thank You So So Much to replied me BIG TIME !

My mom know about clipping nail a little bit but she doesn't know it's so much benefits.

My dad not allow mom to do clip with me because I'm the outdoor cat. I need to have it to look after myself.
My mom safe herself with her dressing gown so when I play biting and full force scratches, she will be ok. : )

Thanks again for this post


Brad Fallon said...

It's not just your claws I admire but also your blog! This is a fantastic read, you made me happy!

Daisy said...

Our mom keeps our clawrs clipped short, too!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Awesome claw pics guys! dad clips our claws for us ~ he waits until we are sleepy ...

Fanks for visiting our blog!

Lucy the Cat said...

Great pictures! Your mom is smart to keep your claws trimmed. Mine gets lazy and then my claws get stuck in everything. Great post!

Thanks for visiting us, and yes, we'll enter you in the drawing!

ABBY said...

PAWsome pictures!
Mom wishes that we would let her clippy our nails, but...well we all came to live with her when we older and none of us likes having our paws touched much.