Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More photos of Bombay and Bangles in new home

Bombay and Bangles' new owners have sent over more photographs of the kitties lounging around the house.

Bombay and Bangles have taken over new territory -- The bed

They sure know a good thing

So don't expect them to give it up any time soon

"Hey, Bangs! You smell that?"

"I sure do! The smell is coming from up here."

"What is it? Oh, nevermind... I'm coming up."

"Bombers! It smells totally yummy. Let me try to get some for us."

"Drats! No luck. Hey, if we stare hard enough,
the lady might give up the good stuff to us."

Staring is hard work

Time for some shut-eye

Bombay too snuggles into bed

He sees Bangles drifting off to sleep...

... And he drifts off to Lala-Land too

"Wha... what was that?"

"Oh, just Bangles snoring like motorbike."

Their new favourite chill out place -- The bean bag

The owners say that the bean bag is Bombay's favourite Zzz spot

They have draped a blanket over the bean bag for added cushiness

As you can see, it's good enough to lull Bombay right to sleep

Hmmm... he sure looks stoned!

"What did you say about me?"



Sleep well, kitties! Keep purrrrrring...

~5-Cat Style


=^..^= said...

aaawwww!!! They look so lovely and comfortable in their new home!

~The Flyer

the letter b said...

their new parents look and sound nice too, bless :)

=^..^= said...

Yes, they are nice. In fact, I've just contacted the other adopters and asked for photos of their cats. It would be so lovely to see how all the kitties are growing up in their different homes.

~5-Cat Style

Sexy Babelicious said...

Heehee....Thank you for the kind words letter B! But I have to say, that is me when I am totally chilling out...heehee. =) We are really happy to have the two new kitties as they have brought much joy the last few days. We shall keep taking pics and keep you all updated on them!

Sexy Babelicious

kuro-shiro-neko said...

will miss b&b.

they look like they've taken over!

=^..^= said...

They definitely have, Kuro-shiro-neko. :)

~5-Cat Style

Mambo said...

They have invaded myentire room and also my brothers bed. They seem to prefer sleeping high up, not sure why though...

=^..^= said...

Ahahaha! Because they are clever and they know a more comfy spot when they see one... like your beds! ;)

But it is true, cats like to climb and sleep on higher levels. Bangles would climb up my kitchen drawers, hop on top of the toaster, leap on to the fridge and make his way to the very highest shelf (the one closest to the ceiling) and sleep there.

I'm sure most cat owners can share with you similar stories. :)

~5-Cat Style

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