Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meet Tiger, Peanut and Ginger

I meant to post these photos up much earlier. Right after Christmas actually. I'm sorry I'm so late with them. But better late than never!
Over Christmas at a friend's party, I got to meet her darling pets. They are...


and Ginger.

I was very excited about meeting Tiger. He is the very first Basset Hound I've met. How could I not swoon at the feet... ahem... paws, I mean, of the very famous Hush Puppy model?

This dog with a big cat's name is about 7-years-old. He was given to my friend when his original owners moved abroad. Basset Hounds have these amazingly large, sad, soulful eyes that have the power to draw you in and make you want to sayang them all day in a desperate attempt to cheer them up.

My friend believes that when he first arrived in Singapore, he was the only Basset Hound here. But I don't think he is the only one anymore. The Flyer swears that she has seen at least two others being walked by their owners.
And this is Peanut, a very docile male, who enjoyed my scratching behind his ears very much. He and two of his sisters were rescued by my friend's brother when they young... so young that they looked like hairless mice.

Unfortunately, one of his sisters didn't make it and passed away soon after being picked up. But the other female survived and grew up to be very beautiful...

... and very, very large! Just look at how massive Ginger is.

Tiger, Peanut and Ginger now live very happily together. Tiger still scares the cats sometimes with his loud barks, but I don't think they ever want to be without him.
~5-Cat Style


Anonymous said...

peanut & ginger have tt same patch on the nose...hehehe so cute


Vernon said...

You, my dears, have been tagged!

=^..^= said...

Hi Anonymous,

Hey, you're right! I did not even noticed that.

Gee Vernie, thanks for... er... thinking of us???

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...
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