Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bombay and Callas settle into their new home

Today at 3pm, Bombay and Callas were officially settled into their new home. I'm so happy and relieved that after five months, a good home has finally been found for them. Their new owners are committed to keeping them safe, healthy and as comfortable as they can possibly be. I could not ask for a better home for them.

In fact, they're living even better than I am! Both Bombay and Callas are now proud residents in a gorgeous penthouse. Just look at the view that they now have from their bedroom!

Both kittens have very naughtily taken over a whole bed for their own comfort, even though their owners have bought them a very cool mini bean bag for slouching on. I'll ask them for photos of the kittens on that bean bag and post them up here.

While Callas, his royal highness, rests on the bed, Bombay decides to be a beach tabby and catch some sun.

See the gap between the matresses behind Callas? Well, I've been told that the kittens love sqooshing themselves into that teeny-weeny space. Sometimes they snooze in there. Sometimes they use it as a hide-out for their stalking games.

The owners have been absolutely terrific. They have screened the windows and doors as promised, and they even bought both kitties some of the finest things... like a very high quality litterbox and a super comfortable blanket from Ikea.

For now, the kittens are completely taken with their new home. So many exciting nooks and crannies to explore!

I'll be visiting Bombay and Callas in a week or two. By then they should have settled down very comfily and be true Kings of their domain.

After all that exploring, Bombay was the first one to wolf down a snack. Callas waves his paw and informs his butler that he will take his dinner later... when he so pleases. How la-di-da a certain someone has become!

So this is the kittens' cafeteria corner where they will take all their meals and snacks.

Then immediately after input, there must be output, eh? Both kitties decide to pee-poo together... but because Callas is now all high and mighty, he makes it known to Bombay that he no longer will share the same litterbox with him. Instead, he will use the human toilet bowl as all Kings do.

I wish Bombay and Callas the happiest life with their new owners! May their owners derive as much joy and satisfaction as I have from caring for these kittens.

Photographs courtesy of Bombay and Callas' new owners.

*Update - Callas has been renamed Bangles.*

~5-Cat Style


the letter b said...

both of them kitties seemed to be all over the place :D and that they did look rather relax and well settled. thanks for the update, 5-Cat Style!

=^..^= said...

Hi Letter B! :)

It's been a while since we heard from you. How have you been?

Yes, both kittens were zooming non-stop all around the house like flashes of lightning. Saying goodbye to them was tiring... only because I had to zoom around after them to catch them first. Then I planted kisses all over the little darlings.

I miss them.

~5-Cat Style

the letter b said...

hi there 5-Cat Style! i've been doing fine, but busy as i spent the xmas holidays to sort out work before the new year starts. thanks for asking, i hope you and the Flyer are doing ok too :)

please don't feel too sad, take comfort in the fact that the kitties love you as much, and i'm sure they will remember you in spite of :)

=^..^= said...

Hi Letter B,

I know... I remind myself the whole point of fostering. Plus the kittens are having such a good life now. Couldn't ask for more really.

I'm still trying to learn how to steel myself better... but I can't help missing them, you know.

But I know I'll get over it. :) It's just that the first few days of giving them up is the hardest for me.

~5-Cat Style

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