Saturday, January 14, 2006

Guest blog entry from Bombay & Bangles' owners

So far, most of the entries here have been written from a foster's point of view. You have all read about what the journey of fostering and adopting has been like for me.

What about the adopters? What is their side of the story? Isn't it important to hear from them too?

Today marks exactly 7 seven days since Bombay and Bangles were handed over to Melvin and Stephanie. So I've invited them to write a special blog entry for me. One about their journey through the adoption process so far.

Here is their story...

To have one pet in the house is a big commitment, but to have two together in the same room... now thats... erm... a bigger commitment? Haha!

Anyways, how did we ever get ourselves in trouble with two extremely naughty, unattentive but extremely cute kittens?

It happened at a road show at Taka. The first time we saw Bombay, and the amount of attention he was receiving from everyone around us, made us look up and look at him.

But that's not the reason. Being in a cage was bad enough for him, but he seemed so cheerful in it and had this playful nature about him that it attracted me and my girlfriend, Stephanie, to him. He was just so full of vigour even though he was locked in a small cage.

From then on, that was how we met the most wonderful foster, Shireen. She briefed us on the conditions of adoption and whether we would be selected and asked if we were actually interested in adopting his brother Bangles as well (aka Callas).

We didn't take much notice of Bangles, but we couldn't bear the thought of separating both of them, especially since there are only two of them after their siblings had all been adopted out. So we said yes and let fate decide if the kittens would come to their new home.

As fate would play it right, we received good news that the kittens would be joining us in our new home! It was so exciting we went around preparing the house for the arrival of our two darlings, making sure they would be as comfortable as possible.

A minor hiccup came when Bombay was sick and we had to push back the arrival date just so that he would be healthy in their new home. Soon the day came and they were officially released in my room for them to terrorise. Surveying every inch of the room like a secret agent proceeding with caution, it didn't take them long to find their comfort spot and soon they settled down extremely well.

Nothing major happened. Only one incident when Bombay peed on his favourite bean bag! But it wasn't entirely his fault coz i was doing my business in the toilet and his kitty litter was in there too. So no bean bag for them to lie on at the moment.

This past one week has been a learning experience for me and the kittens while I get used to their playfulness together, learning how they react to certain things, timing their meals and pooing time and, of course, a couple of sleepless nights when they refused to sleep!

But I guess it is part and parcel of having cats. But the joy both of them brought to us is priceless and something we would never exchange for when they snuggle close to you when you are sitting down, or jumping on you when are sleeping to get your attention, and biting my toes in the morning trying to get you out of bed.

We've noticed that Bombay seems more attached to my Stephanie while Bangles prefer to snuggle with me after seeing the attention Bombay receives. I guess it's Bangles' nature to be a little less receptive of us but he's warming up real well to it.

I never expected so many things to happen in a short period of time and I know they will bring many more memories for both of us.

For now and always we will love and care for Bombay and Bangles like our own and shower them with only the good things in life they will ever need. But also if they do something wrong, proper discipline will be given to them too. We hope that Bombay and Bangles will grow up to be strong and healthy, maintain their playfulness and giving us unlimited joy in our lives...

Best regards,

Melvin & Stephanie

~5-Cat Style


=^..^= said...

I am sooo happy that you guys found Bombay & Bangles! As Godfostermum to the two beauties, I must say that I couldn't be more glad, thankful and happy! Thank you, Stephanie & Melvin, for being such model pet parents! I hope to meet you two one day! :D Til then, Have A Bootiful Day!

~The Flyer

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