Thursday, September 28, 2006

Update on Jack, the one-eyed kitty

I'm back! And I'm well! Throat is still a little scratchy, but I'm feeling good. And I'm all ready for the next adoption drive happening this coming Saturday. It'll be at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza from 10am to 10pm. So it's posters galore once more!

Speaking of which... I've been wanting to share this update with you concerning a sweet familiar face from the last adoption drive. His name is Jack.

Not being in direct contact with Jack's foster, I begged a very kind adoption volunteer to please please please keep me in the loop of his adoption status. She promised that she would and she has.

From what I understand, it turned out that at the time of the Expo adoption drive, Jack was already out on an adoption trial. I asked the adoption volunteer to pass on my recommendation of that kind father and his family... that if this trial adoption falls through for some reason, to let the foster know that there was a wonderful family who would be perfect for Jack. And if the trail adoption worked out, I asked the adoption volunteer to please break the news to the kind man and recommend him other special cats.

I know that there are many other such cats who badly need good homes. For example...
Brave Brook
... There is Brook, an abuse survivor, with 3 legs...

Dainty Xena

... And Xena, also an abuse survivor, who is blind in one eye.

Unfortunately, the last I heard... neither Jack's foster nor the kind man got back to the adoption volunteer, in spite of her numerous phone messages and e-mails to them. So we really don't now how Jack is doing in his new home, nor can the other cats be 'promoted' to the kind man.

I can't say that I'm not disappointed. The Flyer and I had thought that we had found the perfect family for the little fella. But as long as he is being cared for in a permanent home, it's wonderful I suppose. Still... I can't help but worry a little about Jack. But there's very little we can know or do when the foster doesn't respond. The rest of us have done everything within our power for dear Jack. We can now only hope and pray that the best has happened to him.

I'm sorry this isn't better news that I bring. But this is what is happening.

If I hear anything else about Jack, I'll definitely share the update here.

~5-Cat Style


Dawn said...

Glad you're better!

kattonic said...

Nice to hear from you, glad your illness is going. Maybe it's no news is good news with Jack. He may be very happy in his new home. I hope so.

DEBRA said...

I will continue to think the best for Jack, and thank you for letting us know.

Glad to know you are feeling better!

cat_aunty said...

Not your fault about Jack. Lets hope he is happy and well.

I know the civic plaza gets very warm in the afternoons, so no actual cats on show?

=^..^= said...

Hi Dawn, Kattonic & Debra, thank you! :)

Hi Cat Aunty, yep! There will be absolutely no actual cats present tomorrow. Not even from the lady who usually brings from her cattery all those beautiful cats. It will be interesting to see how the people respond to the posters tomorrow.

~5-Cat Style

cat_aunty said...

Good luck for tomorrow. Might see you there!!

Karen Jo said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I also hope for the best for Jack. It's sad that you can't contact the people to see how he is doing. Do let us know if you hear anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi cat_aunty,

saw your blog about Malays calling their cats `Ti'. You see, we tend to shorten a person's name for ease of communication, e.g, Zulkifli is called `Zul', or Azman is `Man'. So Kitty becomes `Ti'. Easy!

=^..^= said...

Hi Karen Jo, I surely will share any update I have on Jack with all of you.

Hi Cat Aunty, hope to see you there! :)

~5-Cat Style

Mary said...

Hi 5-Cat, just wondering about Brave Brook. Is he always confined to the cage?

=^..^= said...

Hi Mary,

Let me see what I can find out for you, ok? :)

~5-Cat Style