Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gingers big and gingers small

So many ginger cats are going up on the poster stands tomorrow. Here's a small sample...

There's feisty little Ganoush

And sleepy Ginger Tiger

There's the very photogenic Baby

And his elegant Mum, Mommy

There's an anxious-looking Pumpkin

And a rather chubby Ginger-8
And the absolute youngest we've got has to be...

1-week-old Baby
I sure do hope that Baby's foster gets fussy with choosing who she hands this little one over to. He's SO fragile!

~5-Cat Style


Feline Oligarchy said...

Those are some very handsome Gingers going up on the posters. Good luck!

Eric and Flynn said...

What a lot of beeyootyfull gingers, but then we are by-ussed. Baby is furry cyoot too.

cat_aunty said...

Good luck Gingers!!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hey, 5 Cat, was disappointed that the adoption drive was not set up on Sunday. What happened?

I had a couple friend who's interested to adopt and they were "played out" by me when they showed up on Sunday...


Anonymous said...

It is clearly stated in 5-Cat's blog on 28/9 that the adoption posters (what adoption drive?) are up on Saturday. If your friends turned up on Sunday(what's there to adopt?)- they have been given incorrect information by someone.
All cats on the adoption posters are available at Public Adoption Bulletin Board at
Dell, Adoption volunteer.

Oreo said...

AW!!! Momma wishes I would let anofur kitty live here! But, I WON'T!!! You guys said, at mine bloggie,

Eeeeyowch! I dun unnerstand what a joined-efoosen is... but it sounds furry painful. Will nefer stop purraying for your Mommy to recofur. GET WELL SOON!


Fanks guys! Her goes to tha doctor today, at 2:00. We will post when her gets home to let effurrycat know how her is.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

Dear Dell

I suppose the correct info comes from CWS website then.

25 Sep 06 - Cat Welfare Society will be participating in Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)'s Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow. The theme is "Don't get pets on impulse!". Do come down and visit us at CWS booth to get our merchandise (The Real Singapore Cat book, Christmas cards, T-shirts, bookmarks, mugs, car decals). You can also browse through the posters of cats who need good homes and speak to the adoptions volunteers to find out more about the cats who have touched your heart. Please check out AVA's website ( for more details on the roadshow.

Date: 30 Sep to 1 Oct 2006 (weekend)
Location: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Time: 10am - 10pm

=^..^= said...

Dear Oreo,

Hope efurrything goes EXCELLENT fur your Mom at the doctor's. Please share wif us the good news as soon as you can!


=^..^= said...


Sorry to hear about your friends' disappointment.

The Flyer and I had committed our Saturday to manning the adoption booth at the road show. But while we weren't there ourselves on Sunday, there were other volunteers present to assist anyone interested in adopting a cat or kitten.

It still isn't too late for your friends. They can view the cats available for adoption at the CWS adoption bulletin board. It is at

Good luck! :)

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

Hi L, The roadshow is for two days - but the website did not say the adoption posters would be on for 2 days - that would depend on manpower availability. My apologies for causing inconvenience to your friends. Do give your friends' names/email addresses/contact numbers to me and I will bring the posters to show them at their homes if they are unable to access cws adoption bulletin board on their own. Dell

Victor Tabbycat said...

Gorgeous Gingers, one and all. They's a poplar color here. Funny how none of em look like Morris! None named Milo or Morris, eifur.