Friday, July 25, 2008

Celebrity Companions

Early this year, I did a research essay on Designer Animals. I focused on the inbreeding problems of trying to mass produce cute Teacup Puppies, the exotic Toygers. and the majestic White Tigers.

To inject a little pop culture into my essay, I used Paris Hilton as an example of inconsiderately using Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers as fashion accessories.

So you can imagine my horror when I found out last night that Paris had gone out and acquired herself 17 pets. And I am sure that this is just for now!

Paris Hilton and Kimchi

Paris Hilton toted her tiny Pomeranian puppy Kimchi around New York. She had picked up the new addition from a pet store in Korea. "I have 12 dogs, three cats and two bunnies, Marilyn and Monroe," says Hilton. "I had three parrots and two monkeys, but I sent them to my ranch in Nevada. Tinkerbell is in the Hamptons with my parents."

On the other hand, Hollywood actress Selma Blair certainly has the right attitude towards animals. Paris needs a lesson or two from her.

Selma Blair and Wink

Selma Blair just loves her one-eyed Jack Russell mutt Wink. "I adopted her from the Lange Foundation (a non-profit dog shelter in L.A.) that has the most amazing misfit dogs in the world," said the actress. "They're completely the cutest and sweetest dogs, and so, I have Wink and she's playful and wonderful and she saved me from myself many times."

~5-Cat Style


Melvin Kong said...

I just thing ppl shouldn't even be buying pets. There are so many homeless ones out there waiting to be adopt and im sure they make better pets than just buying one.

anzzymolly said...

Hey Smallie MacVet

relink me okay? its

I miss you!

Derby, Ducky said...

I agree, adopt and don't get pets for their style value. Mum has a carry bag that says, "Save a life, adopt a shelter cat."

Also the biggest human society in the state bought out! a puppy mill here. They have over 1200 dogs to work to get adopted! Some purebreds or the designer crosses of Poodles/golden retrivers and such.