Monday, July 28, 2008

Animals in Society

I am most excited about one subject that I am taking in this new semester. It is called Animals In Society. The course has been designed to encourage us to analyse and discuss:
  • How and why animals are so integral to human society
  • Where human-animal relationships originated
  • Animal domestication and where it stands now
  • Animals as pets, in agriculture, as research subjects, in educational roles and as pests
  • Changing attitudes of humans towards animals throughout time
  • Humankind's moral and ethical obligation to animal wellbeing
  • Animal welfare science
  • Current animal welfare issues in industries around the world
  • Where the relationship between humans and animals may be headed

In the later part of the course, there will be three round table discussions. The topics are:
  • An ethical analysis of animals in research
  • An ethical analysis of 'cat ownership' in the community
  • An ethical analysis of housing systems for laying hens

I can't wait to get started on this subject proper! But first, I need to make a decision on a topic to research on. Which should I choose?
  • Animal impacts on humans
  • Human impacts on animals
  • Animal rights/liberation
  • Animals and education
  • Animal behaviour and welfare
  • Animal conservation
Any suggestions?

~5-Cat Style


Melvin Kong said...

Personally i would choose Animal Impact on Humans.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Very cool! We agree, Animal Impact on Humans sounds very fascinating.


Dawn said...

I like Animal Impact on Humans and Animal Behavior and Welfare - dawnie

KXBC said...

Animal impact on humans would prob be a choice for many and also well researched and documented.

To be different, I'll choose our impact on them.

Whicky Wuudler said...

My choice would be animal behaviour and welfare.

I hope you are enjoying Temple Grandin's book, she's great, such a sensible approach without the inherent anthropomorphism so many writers about animals and communication load their work up with.