Tuesday, August 21, 2007


We just got a very sad and urgent email from a personal and very dear friend of ours, who has a pet dog in danger of being put down at the SPCA if a foster home cannot be found for him.

Please have a read of the message she has sent, below, and inform as many people as you know. Contact details are listed below as well.

Thank you all!

RE: Looking for a loving home to foster, Toffee, the Jack Russell


My sister and I are looking for a foster home for Toffee, our Jack Russell. Unfortunate incidents at home, unrelated to Toffee, have created the need for her to be fostered out for three and a half months (September to mid December).

Toffee is female and has been spayed. She is 9 years old (this is a rough estimate as we adopted her too) and is a very gentle and good-natured little lamb. She is house-trained and loves being around people. Meet her and she'll melt your heart!

We are willing to cover the expenses for food, shampoo, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us my email or cellphone:
Dawn Wee: dawnwee@gmail.com
June Wee: junewee@gmail.com, HP: 9848 1901

Thank you so much!


Dawn and June Wee

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