Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cat or Dog?

Was sifting through some old photos in my hard drive and came across these pics of a strange cat I met 5 years ago around Jalan Kayu (a part of Singapore famous for roti prata and other famous supper feeds!).

As we were walking back to the car, this friendly, loving cat came out from the shadows and kept rubbing itself on our legs. We also realised what a bad condition the cat's fur was and started to pet it and play with it. But we realised that while the fur was a little dirty and a bit matted, it actually wasn't so bad. What was strange about the fur was well... the texture of the fur!

We realised that this cat's fur was essentially split neatly and nicely in a perfect line right in the middle of its body, such that the front half of the cat's fur was short and grey, and the bottom was SHAGGY and BROWN! This cat looked like it was half cat and half dog!

One of my crazy friends suggested that maybe some mad scientist had joined the top half of a cat with the bottom half of the dog, resulting in this kuppy/pitty/dat/cog creature.

No camera tricks here! This is exactly how the cat looked like! Can you see the distinctive separation right down the middle?

At that time I had just got my first ever camera and so my photo-taking was extremely horrendous, and so the photos aren't that clear. But at the very least, from the photo above you'll be able to distinctly see the peculiarity of this cat's (whom I named, Dr. Seuss).

I don't know, maybe its just be... but isn't doesn't his fur look bizarre?

~The Flyer


Victor Tabbycat said...

Wow, strange lookin cat! Maybe it's sort long-haired an needed a good brushin to get the longer hairs off the rest of it? Or part Devon Rex wif their curly hair? We just met a manx wif a tail!
Maybe the cat was half-groomed an escaped afore they could finish trimmin?

=^..^= said...

A manx with a tail?!! Wow! That's... different! I've always thought that Manxs' butts look extra cushiony! Hahah!

And I dunno, there's really so many possible explanations for Dr. Seuss the Strange Cat. The last picture still makes my hair stand. It really makes him look like two parts of different animals!

~The Flyer