Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Everybody, please meet Toesy.

Handsome, photogenic and frankly, quite the charmer

Isn't he handsome?

Toesy is one of the seven community cats who live under my block. And he is my favourite.

"When will I get paid for all these photo sessions? Payment may be made in kibble."

Toesy is about 3 years old and he has set up house under a row of bushes near my house. Whenever I walk by those bushes, I make it a point to say hello to my ginger friend and give him some of those scritchies that he loves so much.

King of his domain

Having lived on the streets all his life, Toesy is understandably very skittish around people. He doesn't like children and he especially hates loud and sudden noises.

But once he becomes familiar and comfortable with you, man... oh man... Toesy transforms into one of the most affectionate cats you'll ever meet.

"Looking this good isn't easy work. Thank goodness I'm very bendy!"

And that really is how Toesy got his name. He shows his affection for you by lovingly licking your toes. Sometimes he'll give you a playful, ticklish nibble, but it's always very gentle. And not once has Toesy scratched me, not even by accident. He is always careful to sheathe his claws around me, and I feel that that is one of the greatest expressions of love by a cat.

The Kneader/The Masseuse/ The Maker of many Biscuits

I've noticed that Toesy is a kneader. He doesn't just knead with his paws when I'm scratching him, he kneads even when no one is touching him. He is such a kneady cat!

Toesy the Belly-Flopper

Another thing I love about Toesy is how very gentlemanly he is. He walks me to my elevator every time we meet, almost as though he was a guard-cat making sure that I got home safe.

"Sun's up! Time for my afternoon snooze. So if you'll 'scuse me please..."

I often wonder if Toesy would be happier coming back home to live with me or if he stayed on where he is and live as he always have -- a wanderer free to roam as he pleases.

"One last scritchie before you go PLEASE?"

I will miss him greatly when I leave for Auz. I do hope that when I return in six years' time, Toesy will still be the same -- furry, orangey, very licky and always kneady.

Here is a short video clip of my beloved Toesy. I managed to capture a wee bit of those kneading paws. Enjoy!

~5-Cat Style


Daisy said...

Oh, Toesy is gorgeous! He has the most beautiful gingery furs and expressive face. And I liked watching the video. Thanks for introducing us to Toesy!

petcampbell said...

Wow what a ham!
Toesy would fit right in with the BengalBrats!
He's really very very handsome!

Parker said...

Oh, Mommy is a sucker for an orange cat! Toesy is so cool! Mommy wanted to scritch him too!
P.S. We play "mop the floor with Rudy - he loves it! He loves "spin the kitty" on the kitchen floor too. But sorry, he's not for hire :)

Eric and Flynn said...

We all love Toesy, he's so affectionate. He's really enjoying those scritches.

Derby said...

Another Gorgeous Ginger Boy! Hi Toesy

Caesar and Princess said...

He has great whisker humps too.
I am very very impressed with Toesy.

auntie p said...

Ooh, a ginger boy! Toesy is adorable.

I often wonder about the same thing as you - whether they would be happier living in freedom or living at home. Depending on the circumstances, living as a community cat is sometimes not too bad.

ps: I see Tiffany's picture. If only... I wonder... hmm...

Faz the Cat said...

Wow he looks so handsome and healthy. It's good to know life under the bushes isn't too tough and there are nice people around to make sure he eats and gets tickles under the chin. FAZ

Victor Tabbycat said...

What a lovely furiend you haf! He looks like a lion. Gingers are known fur hafing lotsa purrsonality. If he's fixed, how come his ear isn't tipped? Is he in danger of being collected by AVA? He seems a purrfect example of how community cats should live. Hi, Toesy! Purrs!

=^..^= said...

Hi Victor!

Yes, I must say that I myself have found Gingers to be generally more gentle, trusting and affectionate.

Toesy is a sterilised Tom. His left ear is tipped. It's just not a very deep clipping. Wow! You certainly are very familiar with the regulations here in Singapore.

Thanks to a group of very dedicated cat feeders, Toesy and the other six community cats are living quite comfortably. :)

~5-Cat Style

Victor Tabbycat said...

We read about AVA and the dangers on ofur Singapurr cat blogs. C for Cats & Celeste has a lot about it. I can't believe anyone calls pest control bout cats!