Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thank you, all of you!

Oh, you guys (ladies and kitties included too of course)... Thank you for all the encouragement. It is very heartening to have such support on the toughest easy decision I've ever had to make.

It was easy because I know where my heart lies. But it was also tough because of what a heavy investment of time and money this is. And to decide this at my age just isn't the popular thing to do.

My Dad, in particular, keeps reminding me that I will be giving up 6 years' worth of income. In his opinion, that and 6 years' of school fees make this an EXTREMELY expensive investment. And what if I change my mind later? There'll be no way I could pursue a 3rd career then.

I believe that the real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money

But I am sure. I am absolutely sure that this is the best thing I could ever do for myself. The nature of the job suits me to a T and I would get to do what I'm most passionate about every day for the rest of my life. I couldn't ask for anything better.

The one thing that worries me most is having to leave my Grandma for such a long time. I hope her health maintains so that she'll be able to celebrate my becoming a Vet when she turns 82 in 2012.

Me with my darling Mama on Christmas Eve back in 2005

As for the all the cats I've fostered (Bombay, Bangles, Gucci, Jackie and Cloey), I intend on remaining in close contact with their foster parents and track their progress as they purr they way through life. And of course, I'll keep on sharing their adventures with you.

My babies, the 5 Longkang Cats, with their adopted parents

Thank you all again for being so encouraging and supportive. It really means A LOT to me!

~5-Cat Style


husky9 said...

Jia you...u can do it....dont forger to callme when u are here..we may pop in to say hello

auntie p said...

Well, that is just great!! You're gonna be working very very hard, but it's fantastic that you're following your passion.

Don't worry, 30 is still very young when most people are expected to work till about 60. If I were 30, I might consider doing something as brave as you, but then at 30, I was quite poor, so I wouldn't have been able to afford the school fees and living expenses, so I can understand it takes a lot of guts for you to do this, and to leave all that security behind.

All the very best to you, and do keep us posted of your progress. :)

cat_aunty said...

All the best. Keep us posted bah. Our thoughts and purrayers are with you.

Of coz Grandma will be fine. She looks like a tough cookie!!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

2012 actually doesn't sound that far away! The college girl at home won't grajeeate until 2010 and then she'll haf to get a MS after dat so it doesn't sound that long at all.
And 82? Pah. No problem. That's still young (as owr Dad goes to bisit his 94 yr old auntie).

Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom finks lotsa women approach 30 an fink, "Here I am. What am I doing?" Men get it later an do dumb fings involvin blondes and sports cars. You'll be a grate vet. Nice to "see" you, too!
Purrs to my buddies Bombay an Bangles!

Tara said...

From Tara's Mom:

Don't ever look back! I went back to school at your age for a Masters of Science degree, then decided to go on for a Phd. I was 36 when I finished. It was the best thing I ever did. I knew if I didn't do it then, I never would.

There are many ways to leave a legacy that don't involve children. Don't every think you have to define yourself by the fact you don't have any.

calsifer said...

Wow! Stunning news. Brave girl you. I'm 35 and still milling around with the crowd, maybe I think too much but well, I'm the eldest. But the tipped ear ones will be rooting for you all the way. If you come back to SG to practise, we'll be looking forward to great mojo-robbing discounts! ;-)

Best and good luck!

Caesar + Princess said...

Your gramma will do great. She is healthy! I am reeeeeally proud of you for making this decision. Daddies tend to be cautious. But, they just want you to be really happy too.

Good luck~~!