Friday, March 16, 2007

Australia Zoo

I went to Australia Zoo last week. Its something that I've always wanted to do since I first watched Steve Irwin on tele and its about the best thing I've done this year! [The previous topper would have been swimming with wild dolphins at Mornington Peninsula with 5-Cats in 2005.]

Started by the Irwin family in 1970, Australia Zoo has attained legendary status thanks to the great vision and effort of Steve & Terri Irwin and their Croc team. With Steve's sudden and tragic death last year, more than a million hearts were shattered... but so many more have been steeled to join the unceasing, selfless battle of environmental conservation.

Steve has certainly succeeded in cultivating a culture, a way of life, of mutual respect and immense love between Animal and Man in the zoo. You can feel it and see it everywhere in the zoo: the people loving the animals, and the animals loving the people. I wish this would be a more common occurrence in such artificial environments throughout the world... at least until such when when there will be no more need for zoos.

The famous Crocoseum

Sabu the Asian Elephant: One of Steve Irwin's favourite ladies. She looks like she's smiling!


Nothing could stop curb this man's excitement at the croc show!

Macaw: Our South American Inflight Attendent

Agro the Saltwater Croc's hideout: As famous as Stevo himself, but nowhere to be seen. Shucks!

American Freshie: What a beauty!


Some of the animals you could interact with at the Zoo.

Blue-Tongued Skink

Elephantasia: Home of Sabu, Siam & Bimbo

The beautiful South American Iguana

The most hygienic looking Komodo Dragon I've ever seen!

An elegant Water Monitor.

A Sexy Sunbathing Monitor

Wombats Grazing

Wombats Sleeping

Bengal Tiger: A sad 5,000 are left in the wild.

Raja & Khan: The Zoo's prized kitties

Raja (or Khan) about to play "Bamboo Flossing" with his keeper

Glad to be alive!

Tasmanian Devil: We thought he was going to jump out of his enclosure!

Until we realised that he was just eagerly waiting for his keeper so that he could snuggle into her lap!

If only more pigeons looked like that!

Rehabilitating Kooks: Rescued by the public, recuperating at the Zoo, awaiting return to the wild.

Albino Red Kangaroo @ Kangaroo Country: He actually propped himself up to be petted!

Cassowary: This femme fatale could split a man's chest in two with her manicurist's nightmare!

This handsome Dingo looked so lonely but he soon trotted off to join his family for a siesta in his cool den.

Some of the beautiful foliage around the Zoo.

Even the berries looked good! Oh, the forces that had to stop me from shoving them into my mouth!

One of the rarer birds roaming free in the Zoo.

Some of the babies at the Children's Zoo

This Kid Rocks!

Who could eat bacon after this?!!

2 American Otter sisters

These 2 girls were inseparable, synchronous sheilas! They moved, mewed and swam in such impeccably timed unison that you'd have thought you were looking at 1 otter and not 2. Talk about freaky twins!

A surprise in the trees...

A surprise in the food court...

Opera the Koala: The Supermodel of Australia Zoo

Kookaburras sitting on an Old Gum Log

Harriet's disgruntled stand-in couldn't accept that they didn't even put up his name on the sign of his enclosure [Harriet the Galapogos Tortoise was brought to England by Charles Darwin in 1831. She passed away peacefully from old age on 3rd June 2006 at the ripe old age of 176 years old.]

The beautiful Japanese Crane

~The Flyer


CatDonna & Cats said...

Hello hello! :)

Hope all is well with you both.

Thanks for the pictures! Lovely zoo. The animals look pretty contented, which is always a good thing.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow ... That is an amazing zoo. We have a furry wonderful one here, too: The World-Famous San Diego Zoo.

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your adventure at the zoo.