Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Apologies for Hiatus

Dear Loyal Readers, Viewers and Stumblers-in,

5-Cat Style and I apologize for not updating our blog in such a long time. Besides being caught up with relocation (The Flyer has moved Down Under) and the regular toils of work, 5-Cat Style is now down with an unknown virus and is recuperating in hospital. I hope you might say a little prayer for my beautiful sister the next time you chat with The Boss Upstairs.

And not to disappoint those who have chosen to come by to our blog despite the long inactivity, here are a couple of animal friends I've made since I moved to Brisbane. Though less furry than the regular stars who feature here, I'd say they are pretty swell too! Hope you enjoy the photos!

The Lizard's Deck Chair: Blending while Sunbathing

The majestic Australian Water Dragon

Isn't he gorgeous?

These birds are EVERYWHERE! From parks, to riversides, to LIBRARIES! And they always seem to come in 3s. If you think you see one, turn around and you'll most likely see no more and no less than 2 hanging around not far off. Weird!

This chap was actually playing with a baby grasshopper! I did manage to rescue the grasshopper tho, since it was obvious this bird wasn't going to have him for lunch.

~ The Flyer


Elaine said...

GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN!!! Wat a surprise. It's nice reading your blog and the heart-warming commitment you gals have for the cats! :)

May I ask, you've moved to Aussie for... forever? Or just there for studies? :)

Will be sure to keep your dear sister in prayer. God will bless and watch over you two even though you're apart. :)

Mambomel said...

No wonder i didn't hear from her yesterday. I hope she is recovering well and hope to see both you again really soon. Do take care, bombay and bangles misses both of you.


Anonymous said...
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=^..^= said...

Elaine: Thanks for your lovely comments! We're very glad to be able to share our passion with you and other animal-lovers. And thank you very much for your prayers too. It really means alot to us.
I'm still studying (gawd, when will it end?!!) but I forsee a very long continued stay here... at least just for a wee bit longer. Heh! God bless you too!

Mambomel: Hi Mel! Its been a while eh?!! Will let 5-Cats know that she's been missed! You take care and give Bombay and Bangles extra hugs and kisses for us! ;)

KXBC said...

It's been quite a long time. I thought you two had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Welcome back (in a cyber sort of way).

KXBC said...

Oops, forgot about your sister. I hope she has recovered and is now back home recuperating. Don't work so hard until your body complain and break down. It's not worth the while.

auntie p said...

Wow, finally! Sorry to hear about 5-cat style, hope she recovers soon! All the best to your studies, the Flyer...and have a great time down under. ;)

6 march 07

Anonymous said...
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imp said...

good to see you back.

hope the moving's all smooth for you.

and definitely praying 5-cat style to be merrily up and about soon!

Finnegan & Buddy said...

So nice to hear from you, we've been checking every now and again and worrying too. Glad to know that things are going well for you - what an adventure! Australia is on my list of "Someday I must go" places.

Please let your sister know that we're thinking of her and all the kitties send purrs and hugs that she will be feeling well again soon.

Finny, Buddy & mom

Victor Tabbycat said...

Yur back! Yur back! Yur back! Well, sorta. Flyer, those lizards an birds look like they might be fun (and tasty). Tell 5-Cat Style to get out of hospital ASAP! Hospitals are full of sick people an who knows what yu'll catch! Bonnie's missed Bombay, her favoritest catango partner. We was worried!

Derby said...

Welcome back, we missed you.

Eric and Flynn said...

welcome back. We wondered where yoo wuz.Hope yer sisfurr soo gets better.

=^..^= said...

Hi again, Everyone!

5-Cats is out of the hospital and she's almost fully recovered. She's taking it real slow as her immune system is still really fragile. She'll come back with full force soon! Thank you all for your lovely wishes!

Things are getting a little hectic on my side with research proposals and ethics red tape to get through, so I do hope you will all forgive me for the delayed postings again. But I promise all of you it'll be worth the wait coz I've got news and pics to bring to all of you from Australia Zoo, home of the legendary Crocodile Hunter! Crikey!!!

So stay tuned and may hairballs not plague you! :D

~ The Flyer

Dawn said...

Glad to hear she's better!