Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This year’s Catango Champions are…

Yesterday night, we were given our new Catango Champions. They are none other than our very own…

... fiery Bombay and...

… and sensuous Bonnie.

Congratulations to the winning couple!

It certainly was not an easy competition to win. There were over 30 couples to beat. But with each round, Bombay and Bonnie proved to be the stars on the dance floor.

The judges’ votes were unanimous and Bombay and Bonnie were declared 2006’s Catango Champions, and were awarded the prestigious Catango Diamond Award by the International Catango Federation.

Don’t kick yourself for missing the hottest couple on the dance floor. There is still a chance for you to watch them in hot Catango action.

Bombay and Bonnie will be performing at the Annual Catango Extravaganza this Saturday, 26 August. It will be held at the Purris Hilton Ballroom at 6pm. Ticket prices range from $200 to $500.

If you’re a fan of this sizzling couple, don’t forget to wear the official fan club t-shirt. It is on sale at your nearest departmental store.

Those who are unable to attend the Catango Extravaganza can still catch all the action when the CD & DVD recordings are released in October.

Otherwise, buy your tickets now! Don’t miss the hottest, sexiest Catango couple of the year -- Bombay and Bonnie.

~ 5-Cat Style
Reporting for the Purrfect Times Wednesday Edition


Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh, Bombay! How wonderful! I woke up today thinking it was all just a lovely dream, and yet... my paws are tired. In a good way. Sigh. Prrrrrrrr.

The Meezers said...

Oh my goodness - Bombay and Bonnie! How wonderful. I may need to take some lessons Bombay! - Sammy

DEBRA said...

Bombay and Bonnie

HOW fantastic! Wow I am impressed. You'll have to open your own dance studio and start teaching us how to dance as well.


Hot(M)BC said...

Concatulations! I guess we'll have to wait for the DVD. Maybe I can learn some new dance steps from it.

~~ Mini

Patches & Mittens said...

I would like to buy the CD. Ihave 22 cents in my savings, is that enough to go to the big event?


Beau Beau & Angie said...

What an awesome pair. We can't wait to see the DVD too.

Mambo said...

Yippy! I won I won!
Too bad Bangles couldn't dance like me =P Don't forget to catch me at my event! It would be the most Puurrfect dance you'll ever see!


Rascal said...

Bombay, congrats to you and Bonnie. You two have done us Cats proud.