Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cat adoption drive this Sunday!

There’s another cat adoption drive taking place this Sunday (3rd September) at the Singapore Expo. The Flyer and I will be there to take care of the CWS adoption booth.

Following the last adoption drive in April, there will be no ‘live’ cats at this one. The reason for this is to avoid stressing the poor cats out. They don’t do very well in strongly air-conditioned, scarily crowded, deafeningly noisy places packed with strangers trying to poke at them with fingers and brochures and what not.

Our strategy is to put up bright, colourful posters of the cats who are up for adoption. The outcome wasn’t so great the last time. While a good number of people showed a lot of interest in the cats, not many of our furry friends were successfully adopted out in the end.

There are many possible reasons for this… either because the fosters found the people to be lacking in some way, or the people themselves lost interest in the cats. But whatever the reasons may be, the adoption team has been hard at work to make this adoption drive a more successful one.

The team invested in bigger and better poster stands (so more cats can be publicised at the drive) and I have been hard at work every night trying to create more eye-catching posters of each cat.

So far, I’ve completed about 30 posters. I have about another 30 or so more to go.

Looking at this group of cats who are up for adoption this time, I’ve noticed a couple of familiar faces.
For example, there is a handsome tabby called Xiao Grey.

Handsome brothers, Xiao Grey (left) and Xiao Hei, remind me of Bombay and Bangles
I remember him from last April’s adoption drive. I created a poster for him and his brother, Xiao Hei. They were only 3 months old then.

This photo of Xiao Grey, used in last April's adoption drive, melted many hearts
Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been adopted out so I found myself staring at his photo again.

Photo to be used in this Sunday's adoption drive
He’s older now, but isn’t he as handsome as ever? I really really hope he’ll find a loving family this Sunday to take him to his Forever Home.
For those of you who would like to visit the adoption drive, here are the details for you.

Singapore Cat Club Science Diet Championship Cat Show
Date: 3rd September 2006 (Sunday)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 1
Time: 10am - 6 pm
For more details, please visit SCC's website at
See you this Sunday!
~5-Cat Style


Zeus said...

He's so gorgeous. I don't know how anyone could pass him by! Good luck with the adoption drive!

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Xiao Grey is very handsome! Best of luck with the adoption drive and thank you for doing what is best for the cats.

Finny & Buddy

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but it's worth it to find good homes for cats like these.
Bombay, I haf a new post... and maybe *you* can rub my belly.

auntie p said...

Hey, good job, 5Cs. Appreciate what you did the last time. ;)

Xiao Hei is handsome. Good luck to all the kitties up for adoption.

jennifer_yq said...

Is xiao hei being adopted out?

Anonymous said...

Those are such excellent looking kittys! May I suggest that you display photos of the cats as they are being hugged or in close contact with a human? I think many potential adopters will get drawn to cats that are ok with being handled like that. Who can resist a nice huggable cat??

=^..^= said...

Oh Bonnie, oh my... is... is this an invitation?

BANGLES! BANGLES! Hurry and help to groom me! I'm off to see Bonnie! NOW!


=^..^= said...

Hi Zeus, Finny & Buddy, Bonnie and Auntie P! Thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes. :)

Hi Jennifer, I understand that Xiao Hei was already adopted out.

Hi Anonymous, thank you for your suggestion. The adoption team understands the importance of well-taken photos showing how cute or pretty or loving the cats are. Unfortunately, some fosters are not skilled enough to take such photos, and others don't even own cameras (some end up taking very poor resolution shots with their mobile phones). We agree that some photos simply do not do justice to the cuteness or prettiness or 'manja-ness' of the cats. But we rely on the fosters to provide us with the best photos that they can. And that is what I have to work with. Such are the limitations.

~5-Cat Style

dreamy princess said...

hello, would like to share that there's any feline lover who is on an adoption drive too.

Robin said...


I am also helping Christabelle in my blog..

Wei said...

haha that kitten so cute, sleep in the kitty litter box haahahaha

Anonymous said...