Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A small step in the right direction finally

After a long stretch of silence, Melissa has finally answered my SMSes to her. Since Tiffy's death, Melissa did not want to communicate with me and a fellow volunteer. She kept up her silence all through the weekend and the whole of Monday.

But yesterday afternoon, Melissa finally replied. She has agreed to meet with me this Friday night. This is a good step forward. I want to use this meeting to make sure that both she and Gucci are doing alright.

Meanwhile, I want to say a big Thank You to all of you for your immense support and concern. I can see that Tiffy had touched all your hearts. The Flyer and I were very moved by your
tributes to this precious little kitten. Thank you.

Sweet Tiffy lying in her favourite spot on my blue couch

I miss this precious baby terribly... she was such a bright spark

Here is a list of all the blogs linked to little Tiffy's story.

Please let me know if you have been left out of this list. I will be sure to add you to it.

~5-Cat Style


Zeus said...

I hope everything goes well with you and Melissa when you talk to one another. It really is time for healing and for moving forward. If nothing can be learned from this, then it truly is a tragedy.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

We hope that you can let Melissa know that you care about her as well as Gucci.

We have a little tribute to Tiffy on our blog too. So do Bonnie & Victor at

Many hugs for all of you!

Finny, Buddy & mom

Dawn Wee said...

Dear 5 cat style and the flyer...
With enough support I am sure all will go well this Friday. I hope Gucci is happy.
- Dawn Wee

Ayla said...

Please, please, please make sure Gucci is safe. I'd hate to see something happen to him too.

Moglee said...

Dear 5 Cat, you have many of our support and prayers. I miss reading about little tiffy too. All the best!

Victor Tabbycat said...

5Cat, here are some more tributes to Tiffy besides those on your list.
We sincerely hope things go well with Melissa. Have a better week!

DEBRA said...

With great understanding and compassion let us hope that there was a greater reason beyond our comprehension that explains Tiffy's story. I do hope the meeting goes well on Friday and it will satisfy everyone.

You have done all you could and don't for one moment say 'what if'. Little Tiffy knows you watched over her.


Anonymous said...

5 Cat Style, please send our regards to Melissa. I hope she doesn't go away thinking everyone is angry with her for what happened and that we want Gucci to be taken from her cos we don't think she is a good mommy.

Rather, we are worried for Gucci's well-being. We know she is in a difficult position right now in her circumstances. Were she in her own home, Tiffy wld be safe and so would Gucci.

I say this because many angry words were spoken at her and her sister in the first hours which were made out of sadness more than anythg else.

May the two of you have a fruitful discussion and know that our thoughts and well wishes are with you.

singaporegrrl (mom of Princess Mia) said...

Good luck with your meeting. You deserve a medal for all that you have accomplished so far. We are hopeful that the situation can be resolved peacefully and that they will be no more suffering for the family or Gucci. Best wishes.

dawndie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I just read about it cried! I really can't imagine how anyone can not like Tiffy!

I just hope Tiffy is in a better place now.


Anita said...

Rest peacefully... =^--^=

Anonymous said...
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